How I got to step in 5 continents last year

It wasn’t difficult.

I got a job in continent #1 (Asia) in a country (Saudi Arabia) that borders another continent (Africa). While I was working at that job, I took a brief holiday across the border into the adjacent country (Egypt), thus hitting continent #2.

When the job ended, I flew home (the United States), stopping over in a country (Germany) located in continent #3 (Europe) on the way back to continent #4 (North America). Finally, to top everything off, I took an actual trip, to Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, using money I saved from my job abroad, and stepped into continent #5 (South America).

Stepping into five continents in one year wasn’t difficult. Like most things, accomplishing it was more about getting myself in the right situations to be able to do it, not forcing my way around the world by saving money, buying flights, clearing schedules, and all that. I didn’t even realize the accomplishment until the end of the year.

God is good.