How I found interesting classics to read for free

Turns out, classics aren’t always interesting. Who knew? And even if the copyright’s been expired for years, they’re not always free either. So here’s what I did recently.

I asked on Facebook, “QUESTION: A favorite book from at least 100 years ago?”

And thankfully, I got a bunch of responses. Yes, they were all over 100 years old.

Next, I headed over to and typed the titles + “kindle” into the search box. Amazon gave me a list. A few times I had to change the sort feature to show the least expensive first. Most of the time, though, the least expensive version, the free version showed up first.

I’ve written about using Kindle without an actual Kindle device before. But with millions of books available for free, it can still be tough to figure out what to read.

That’s when asking your friends comes in.