How I created a wonderful memory

This is an example of how I applied my suggestions for creating a wonderful memory. The numbers in parentheses refer to the steps in that previous post. (It might be helpful to open it in a separate tab so you can easily reference it while reading this.)

In the months leading up to my university graduation, I realized I wanted to capture the moment I finished (2). I would exit my final class exactly two days before I turned 20 years old (1).

I wouldn’t technically graduate, like walk across the stage, until five days after my birthday, but I didn’t care so much about that. I wanted to remember finishing – that’s what I really cared about.

So weeks before finishing, I scouted campus for a memory zone, a place that would remind me of finishing but not have much connection to anything else (4). I wanted the spot to scream last class whenever I recalled it in my mind.

After a few days, I found that spot. It was at the top of the steps walking out of the business school building. From this spot, I could see down into the university square and out into the main parking lot, a victory view.

The day I finished my last class, instead of walking directly to my car, which wasn’t too far away, I detoured to that spot in the business building. I walked up from the back, through the halls, up the stairs inside. Then I walked out from the top.

I remember feeling the air. I remember seeing the other students, some of which were probably finishing also. I remember realizing in that moment (3), Yeah, wow, I actually finished. Not everyone does that, especially not right BEFORE their 20th birthday.

That evening, after some celebrating with my family, I journaled about the experience (6). I kept the entry simple:

I finished college today, two days before I turn 20. Felt a little surreal. And I was able to walk out of that door at the top of the steps too.

That memory is the culmination of my IU education (5). And it’s a wonderful memory. Now all that’s left is sharing it, which is why I’m hitting publish on this post (7).