How I answered the 100 questions

A little over a year ago, a friend asked me to answer the questions from my 100 questions post. I like to answer questions, so I went with it. I planned to publish those answers back then, but somehow I never got around to it.

Until now.

Looking back over these, they don’t all still apply. I wouldn’t answer all of them the same way now. It’s curious to go back and see how I did answer them, though, without thinking too much, just answering.

So, without any editing, here’s how I answered my own questions. (You might want to open the questions post in a new tab so you know what question I’m even answering for each of these.)

M’kay, ready?



  1. Fineapple! I’m feeling pretty alive at the moment. Like I’m starting a race or something.
  2. Yeah, I kind of just answered that. I’m thinking about Saudi Arabia. I’m finally getting kind of nervous about it, but in a good way, an excited nervous.
  3. Yellow.
  4. Rice.
  5. Ice cream or flan. My grandma’s flan sounds really good right now.
  6. 23.
  7. That I’m pretty sure I’m going to take this job.
  8. I enjoyed math until Algebra I. Otherwise, anything that had to do with reading interesting things. I liked history if it meant good books. Oh, and how can I forget art or music. But yeah. Ah, shoot… I messed up the numbers.
  9. Whatever I want, but hopefully what God wants too. Right now, that means moving to Saudi Arabia to, on paper, teach English.
  10. Night. The Prince. Beric the Briton. Obsessed. Of course the Bible.
  11. The Count of Monte Cristo. Spiderman 2. The Terminal. Mr. Holland’s Opus. The Prestige.
  12. Depends. I’m the kind of person who says I’ll listen to most kinds of music, except I actually do, country and rap included. But I took Maroon 5, Chevelle, My Chemical Romance, and the Beatles with me on the trip to Texas.
  13. Pop’s a Pastor, But I’m a Christian Anyway. It would be about my walk with (and without) Christ, growing up as the son of a pastor.
  14. Tough question. I mean, I’ve eaten strange bugs and moved to the other side of the world without knowing anyone over there. The times I’ve felt the most scared, though, were probably when I first rode a roller coaster and when I first gave a speech in front of more than five people.
  15. I like Marshallogue… but man, I don’t know. It’s really cool to take students from not speaking English to being able to have a conversation in the language. Same with teaching kids how to read, even in America. I don’t know – it sounds really arrogant, but there’s a lot I’m thankful for. Degrees, living abroad, leading groups when I was a kid, leading worship for the conferences… yeah, not sure I have one big one yet. (I’m guessing adoption will be the one I get to put there once that happens.)
  16. No.
  17. I haven’t / church / I won’t.
  18. I hate waiting. Get married when you’re young.
  19. Not yet?
  20. As a matter of fact, yes.
  21. A basketball player, an architect, a musician, and music producer. Maybe more.
  22. I wanted to live abroad, and Korea was one of the easiest ways for me to do that and save money at the same time. I mean, teaching in general I’ve always enjoyed.
  23. Absolutely, and I totally have.
  24. Facebook, answer my own questions, things like that.
  25. Yes.
  26. At this point, Saudi Arabia. I’d like to visit Peru and Israel, though, too.
  27. My great grand children.
  28. Read the Bible, follow Christ.
  29. Writing.
  30. Writing, traveling, eating amazing food, participating in Bible studies, and meeting new people. Actually, I like teaching or learning new things a lot too. And music. Moving along…
  31. Kids hurting. I’m really not good with that, not okay with that at all.
  32. Telling people about my past, things I don’t necessarily want on my record.
  33. Spontaneous.
  34. Yes.
  35. Leonardo Da Vinci and King David.
  36. At this point, the city.
  37. I’m supposed to be writing a book about this one.
  38. I had long hair, played in worship bands, and was finishing school faster than everyone else, none of which seemed to go with the other.
  39. Yes. Three brothers and one sister.
  40. Trying to answer these questions.
  41. My dad and my mom. By being around me the most.
  42. This is actually kind of a long one – I’ll have to tell you some other time. It’s about blonds walking into a bar.
  43. Totally.
  44. Yep, yep.
  45. Medium.
  46. 2, because it was my number when I played basketball.
  47. An elephant. Because they’re my theme, and they’re awesome… and they remember.
  48. I’m not sure. Maybe moved to Korea. Until I did, I didn’t know anyone who had. I still don’t know anyone personally who finished college as young as I did. I don’t know – those don’t seem very strange. Maybe eating cockroaches. That’s more in the strange category.
  49. The kind where I get to go somewhere new… with family or friends.
  50. Adoption.
  51. Run a marathon barefoot (does that count as a smaller goal?)
  52. That I’m selfish.
  53. Probably when I feel like I should know how to do something but I don’t, and then everyone gets to see that.
  54. I’d love to play on a huge stage somewhere, like D. C. Talk at a Billy Graham Crusade. I’d love to be President of the US for a day too, but I’d probably hate living in the country the day after.
  55. Sitting in the doctor’s office reading that Dr. Seuss book before Ted was born.
  56. To follow Christ… and it continues to be each time I make that decision.
  57. Probably Dru. But it tends to switch around depending on where I’m at.
  58. Ah, this is more of a conversational question. Tough to answer quickly. I think most people think I’m arrogant and smart. That’s the quickest answer. I’ve asked people multiple times to give one word summaries of who they think I am, and those ones tend to come up the most.
  59. Pretty good.
  60. I wish I could cook better, and I were more patient with it.
  61. Extrovert.
  62. Many times. I’m an ENTP for that one, a DI (I think) for that other one… I don’t remember the rest.
  63. How they look (like dress and style) and then how they communicate (shy, open, humorous, monotone, etc.)
  64. Yes.
  65. Human life is equally valuable. Some skills or traits have more practical value in certain situations, though. This is another one that needs a longer answer.
  66. I think we all try to do what we think is good, but I think we’re basically bad in that we don’t really know what good is.
  67. Both. Murdering people is always wrong. Quoting someone without permission might not always be wrong.
  68. Yes.
  69. Yes.
  70. Yes… because people smarter than me tell me it’s a good thing to do. I usually vote to make the government smaller and leave the decisions and responsibility for those decisions with individual citizens. But there are always exceptions.
  71. No. But they choose how they respond to the tendencies they have.
  72. Eesh… tough one. I want to say no, but I’d totally get out a jigsaw to help figure out where my sister was if someone kidnapped her and wasn’t telling me where she was. I have huge double standards on that one – I always go back and forth.
  73. Ah, again… one for conversation. “No” is the correct answer, except that I would have dropped the atomic bomb, so then maybe not.
  74. Close to $1,000 at once. More than that if you count monthly payments or whatever. I really like doing this, though, so I kind of have an unfair advantage.
  75. Maybe writing. I’m not sure.
  76. Probably mistakes I made with girls when I was a teenager.
  77. I’m a big fan of small businesses. So anything that helps promote that aspect of it. Things like making currencies stable, ending government corruption, making small loans available… I favor those kinds of options.
  78. Get parents to take responsibility for their children’s education instead of giving that responsibility to the government.
  79. I like drawers a lot. I often have trouble getting into paintings, especially modern stuff. I love music, even if some of that doesn’t always seem like art. I wish more people treated their jobs like art.
  80. Facebook. Google. Wikipedia. Khan Academy. TED. Mixergy.… the list goes on and on.
  81. A lot depends on how they feel about children, how they actually interact with them.
  82. I’ve told a number of big lies, but the sort of safe one that comes to mind immediately was when I was cutting down this guys fence from my friend’s backyard. The guy came out, and all my other friends split. I hid behind a bush. Eventually, the guy found me and asked what I was doing to his fence. I told him my friends had said we were supposed to cut it down.
    Anyway, the worst part about this question is that now that I’m thinking of it, more and more situations start coming to mind. Man, not good.
  83. That I hated English. Or that I seriously questioned Christianity in college.
  84. I don’t know. Maybe more about my story… but then maybe not.
  85. Use the bathroom, drink some water, try to read the Bible, check email.
    I used to have a better routine.
  86. Not a lot of bad has happened to me personally. It’s usually stuff that happens to people close to me. And the worst one is one I’ll just have to write about… in the book.
  87. I definitely do more now, yes.
  88. I still get really nervous about it, but it’s not as bad as before. I enjoy the challenge if it’s something I’m interested in talking about.
  89. Not particularly. I’d rather meet in person or Skype.
  90. I don’t know, maybe 10 or so a day. I don’t really know because I have this horrible habit of processing them throughout the day instead of just checking once or twice.
  91. Multiple people have said I look like Colin Ferrell, but I’d rather he didn’t get in on this. I like Jim Caviezel, and I think he has a good “maybe I’m good/maybe I’m bad” image on screen. I’d be honored if he played me.
  92. “What do you do for fun?”
  93. I’d like to think I would. I’d be totally scared, but yes, I’d like to try.
  94. Depends on the definition. I’ve never been in one of those boxing match type fights, but I have punched someone before.
  95. Oh, man… I’m blanking. That must mean I haven’t done anything good in a while. I’ll have to get on that. (Ted’s surprise party was pretty cool, though, the one where everyone thought we were surprising him, but then he ended up jumping out of the closet and surprising everyone else. I liked setting that one up for sure.)
  96. I got my driver’s license.
  97. I’ve got to say teachers, right? There are a bunch of them, though. (And actually, teachers enjoy this sort of “I’m the most undervalued member of our society,” so maybe we don’t count.)
  98. Hmm… I wish I had a better motto here. I believe everyone is unbelievably blessed but most are too scared to act like it or too indifferent to realize it. I try to live every day of my life so that if I knew I would die tomorrow, I wouldn’t feel cheated today. And I think the best way to do that is to follow Christ. That’s a long bumper sticker.
  99. Hated.
  100. That’s funny that this is on here. Right now, no, I wouldn’t.

What did you think of my answers? How would you answer the questions? (Send me your list.)