How I already won the Superbowl contest

So it’s Friday. I hear the Superbowl is this Sunday. That’s two days from today. I guessed the Colts were in it because of all the Peyton Manning talk. I didn’t know who they were playing.

To say I don’t follow football is… frankly, stupid. Like saying bachelors aren’t married.

But my friend, Kyle, has an amazing – yes, amazing… and you know I don’t throw that word around much – contest running right now. You pick the winner, the score, and the MVP for the game. BUT…

You can get extra points by doing other cool/spammy stuff like promoting Kyle’s blog. Pick me, pick me – I’m in, and I’m gunna win.

Since I know nothing about the game, I’m going to win a different way.

1. I crowd sourced my pick. I asked friends on facebook to tell me which team will win, what the final score will be, and who the MVP will be. I asked some other friends as well. I averaged all the info together. They’re brilliant friends, so I have every reason to be confident. My pick: Saints to win, 28-20.

2. If you check Kyle’s post, he’s made it easy for a guy like me to take the top prize by doing other random stuff for him. Here’s what I’m doing.

  • (+2 points) I tweeted about the post.
  • (+5 points) I’m subscribed to his blog and told him about it.
  • (+4 points if correct) I’m picking Brees as MVP.
  • (+10 points) I’m writing a guest post for Kyle’s blog. +10 points if he accepts it
  • (+20 points) I’m blogging about Kyle’s contest, and I linked to it. Here’s another in case you missed the two toward the top. (Three links might merit some bonus points, right, Kyle?)
  • (+2 points) I’m following Kyle on twitter, and I told him about it.
  • (+10 points) I commented on his sister’s blog and on his dad’s blog. (Extra points for linking to them, Kyle?)

[The only thing I’m not doing is buying Kyle Superbowl tickets (+1 million points). I tried to think of some funny way to pull that off. But no, there’s nothing funny about it. Nothing.]

Now, I figure even if I’m off with the team, the score, and the MVP, I’m still walking with 49 points. How can I lose, especially when everyone else is focusing on low-level skills like picking scores? :>)

Inspiration beats perspiration every time. Take that, competition!

[Update: Here’s how it went down…

  • Winner: Saints (over Colts)
  • Final score: 31-17.
  • MVP: Drew Brees.
  • Competition winner: Marshall Jones Jr.

Zac Cross (the runner up) was scaring me, though frankly I wanted him to win so I wouldn’t look like such a show off. What’s funnier than predicting you’re going to win a Superbowl competition and winning? Losing it.

Anyway, nice competition, Kyle. I hope you were able to get some fantastic promotion out of it.]