How blogging is hurting my journaling

I started my first blog in September of 2008. Then about nine months ago, I started blogging here daily. And I’m still keeping up my other blogs.

That combined with all the Twitter tweets and Facebook statuses and blog comments drain a lot of my writing energy. I always have a ton of ideas, but with all the blogging and sharing, I don’t have as much time to sit and contemplate and write privately.

That’s why my journaling is hurting. I still do it fairly often, but I wish I did it more often.

I think I’m too shy to share some of the things that are really important to me on a public blog. So many of those thoughts and ideas don’t get fleshed out. They just drift out of my mind, perhaps never to return.

For now, I’m willing to make this trade. Blogging is, overall, more important to me than journaling… because blogging impacts other people, not just me.

But it’s something I need to be aware of… that by devoting a lot of writing energy to blogging, I’m taking it away from other things.