Home in Louisville

Home, for as long as I can remember, has been in Louisville, Kentucky.

I remember returning to Bangkok after running around a few other parts of Thailand along with a couple neighboring countries and feeling that I was returning to something familiar.

The same happened when I returned to Korea a few days later. The same has happened returning to Saudi. The same even happened returning to Lima after traveling to other places in Peru.

But through it all, Louisville has felt the most like home. I return from California, Louisville feels like home. I return from Florida, Canada, or Myrtle Beach, and Louisville still feels like home.

Now, returning from all the travel of 2013, particularly the last bit that took place in South America, Louisville feels like home.

I’m not sure I’ll live here the rest of my life. I’m not sure it will always feel like home. But for now, right now, it definitely does.