Home-grown grass seed

We have a patch in our backyard where no grass grows. I’m not sure why this is. Maybe they forgot to plant seed there when they reseeded the back yard. Maybe their dog especially liked to roll in that area. Maybe a bird ate all the seed that fell there before getting too full to eat the rest.

Whatever the reason, it’s bare.

We’ve wanted to plant seed there, but I had two problems:

  1. I didn’t know what kind of seed would match the rest of the grass.
  2. I didn’t want to purchase seed.

This morning on the way to mowing the lawn, I noticed grass seed on the tall blades of grass near our porch. As it happens, I hadn’t mowed the grass in over a week and half. The grass was tall.

I spent 10 minutes pinching blades of grass midway up the stalk and then sliding the pinch off the top, removing and gathering grass seeds along the way. I gathered two or three handfuls of seeds.

Seeds gathered, I used a hand shovel and a weed pulling tool to puncture holes in the ground where the grass isn’t growing. Then I spread the seed I’d harvested over the ground I’d tilled.

Last but not least, I spread some top soil over the seeds. I didn’t want the birds or the rain to ruin the work.

I’m not sure the grass will grow. I’m not sure fresh grass seeds grow well like this.

If I were to guess, I’d say the general lack of aeration might to be the biggest problem. I did poke holes in the ground, but I didn’t go very deep. This might cause some problems.

I plan to water it well over the next few days if it doesn’t continue to rain. I’m thinking if I can keep it moist most of the time until sprouts appear, it’ll have a decent shot.

We’ll see.