Here's my income from my job this year

I talk about religion. I talk about politics. What’s left not to talk about? Sex isn’t even the social faux pa it once was. Ah, here’s one that’s still holding out:


Top executives often must reveal their salaries, or at least their salaries are generally understood. But what’s up with the rest of us?

We still feel awkward discussing income, even among friends.

But that’s going to change. It’s not a matter of whether or not it should change. It just is. No more Lone Rangers. We’re in this together. The world is flat.

So allow me to join the rising minority and reveal exactly how much money I made this year at my job. Here’t goes:

Nothing (I didn’t have a job this year).

But in the name of authenticity, transparency, and plain ol’ this-is-where-we’re-headedness, I’ll keep this figure updated.