Here is tenacity

Tenacity is the teacher going to work, trying to teach… despite his students spitting at him.

Tenacity is writing, no, staring at a blank page until words materialize… out of no where.

Tenacity is the girl diving for the volleyball during practice… on asphalt.

Tenacity is falling in love and staying in love… through the feeling of falling out.

Tenacity is the guy pumping out those last 14 pushups… even though he should have quit 30 pushups ago.

Tenacity is being the only person with a different opinion in a room full of smart people… and speaking up.

Tenacity is arriving in the country, knowing a visa is required, without a visa… and not knowing a way to get one.

Tenacity is the traveler who sets a goal to visit every country in the world, before he’s even left his own… and actually does it.

Tenacity is the author who pitches her book proposal… to the 67th publisher.

Tenacity is trying… until it’s done.