Herbs and spices: The cologne and perfume of food

I don’t mean they make the food smell amazing, even though they do that too. I mean that herbs and spices are the finishing touches that turn ordinary food into extraordinary food… easily.

If you don’t know anything about cooking, like Marshall Jones Jr. for example, try some herbs and spices. If you have no idea what you’re doing, you might actually have more fun with it than if you knew a little something.

Here’s why: If you have no idea, you’re not afraid to try crazy stuff. Like Cayenne in coffee.

Here’s my totally unfounded (because I’m a horrible cook) recommendations:

  1. One at a time. The purer the food, the more you’ll actually taste the individual flavors instead of everything getting lost. Try one spice or herb at a time.
  2. Weird combos. Don’t go with what goes together or what you think goes together – go crazy. Pair weird ingredients.

I’ll share some of my favorites tomorrow.