Helping Japan

So, you know, today there was this 8.9 earthquake off the coast of Japan. Twenty-three foot, tsunami waves. Flooding. Disaster. A few hundred people reported dead by morning. Thousands injured.

My first thought: Hey, I should go help.

Japanese troops are evidently getting involved with the relief efforts, along with the Red Cross. The government isn’t accepting any outside help yet. They want to assess the damage first, which makes sense, really.

Still, I’m thinking I should go.

I’m trying to get to South Korea anyway. If I could find somewhere to stay in Japan- a hostile, an open couch, whatever – I could help them before jumping over to Korea. I wonder if the school in Korea could somehow pay for a flight like that to Japan. We’ll see.

Have to wait until we figure out what they need over there.

I think I’m in the “helping other countries” mood.