Heading to Colombia

So yeah, this is where I start writing backward, which is not a good idea. Technically, I’ve already landed in Colombia, even lost a few things in the process of being here, but I haven’t published the obligatory “Heading to” post yet.

Welp, here it is. I’m heading to Colombia, or really I’m already in Colombia. The plan is to be here for a week and then head south into, well, the countries south of Colombia of course. Lots of really good planning going on here. Those other places will require their own “Heading to” posts, so you’ll hear about them then.

Or not.

Like this right now, publishing this after the fact.

I don’t know. I feel like I might be traveled out. Have I mentioned that before? I don’t feel like posting photos on Facebook, I don’t feel like publishing much about it here, and I don’t feel like… I’m not really sure. I think I need a break, you know, the way normal people need a break from their typical routines, never getting out and about around the entire known earth.

Yeah, whatever. I’m not in a great mood.

I’ll hit publish anyway. Feel free to read. I’m still thankful you do.