Headed to India

On August 1, I’ll take a break from Saudi Arabia for a three-week tour of India.

For my last big trip, I visited Egypt. I visited Egypt because it’s there, right next to me on the map. It’s the culture covering the first page of first grade, the first ancient civilization I learned about. I had to go. Egypt hasn’t been on my list, though, not like India.

Before the Middle East, I visited Japan and southeast Asia. I enjoyed those trips, each in their own right. I knew going to Korea that I wanted to travel, so travel I did.

The whole time, though, India’s been sitting there in the back of my mind. More than any other country, it’s the one I hear has the most drastically different culture, the most intense and – for many people – the highest probability for offering a life-changing experiencing. This is the country that convinces people to change how they live wherever they are for the rest of their lives.

I want that. After traveling a fair amount over the past two years or so, my assumption is that India might not be as mind-blowing to me as it would be to someone straight out of college who’s never been abroad before. Still, I have a feeling it’s going to take this whole travel thing to another level.

I’ve mentioned before that I feel like I’m winding down with travel. Well, India is a big check on my list on the way to settling down. I hope I can bring something to India with me as well, because I know it’s going to give me a whole lot in the three weeks I’m there.