Have I told you about this before?

Thanks to living abroad (and loving the Internet), I’ve ended up talking with more people online than a normal person would. Because of this, I’ve noticed that, especially lately, I’ve started to confuse who all I’ve told things.

I’ll start a story or a topic, and be like, “Yeah, I think I have a blog post written about this, maybe?” Or, “Yeah, have we talked about this before?”

Normally, I’ve discovered, I continue anyway. Rarely do I stop once I’ve started. So whoever’s listening either gets a repeat of what they’ve already heard or they have no idea why I think I’ve told them before.

So, as of right now, I’m going to try to stop with the whole questioning thing. If I think someone has heard this topic or conversation before, I won’t say it. If not, I’ll go ahead with it without any caveats. If it’s really that lame, they can tell me. It’s lamer for me to keep being like, “Yeah, have I told you about this before?”