Hacking Hangul [EXPERIMENT] – Day 2

Step 3 introduced vowels and consonants that don’t have equivalent sounds in English. That’s all I tackled today.

I spent more time on that third lesson than on the first two. I made flash cards again, but I spent most of the time listening to the audio tracks. I wanted to nail the sounds, which I probably still haven’t done.

One letter in particular, the one that looks like the “2” on a digital clock, seemed particularly difficult to pronounce. Supposedly, it’s a mix between an R and an L. I heard some D in there too. The lesson explained it as though it sounds like the TT in “better.”

I had trouble with the consonant/vowel combination that sounds like a mix between “Roo” and “Row” with the oddly-rolled R. That was like the double whammy: tough consonant and tough vowel.

Still, I felt okay with what I learned.

Overall, though, I didn’t practice as much today. I didn’t have the motivation. I think when it comes down to it, that’s the hardest part about learning a language: finding the motivation day in and day out to keep trying over and over again.

Maybe living in Korea will provide built in motivation. I can’t count on that, though – it might just make me want to give up even more. We’ll see.

For now, I’m still looking forward to learning more. Along with the alphabet practice, I even picked up a new word without trying, the word for “yes.” That’s officially the fifth word I kind of, sort of know in Korean. 🙂