Gunalcheesh: Grateful for Alaska

Oh, yes – how could I forget! One other fact I learned in Juneau, I learned how to say “Thank you” in Tlingit: gunalcheesh.

First off, it snowed. Now, for some people, that might not be the best of events. For me, though, one who wants to feel like I actually visited Alaska, I love that it snowed. It felt like Christmas land. Gunalcheesh.

And then, I was told, churches in Juneau don’t usually have stained glass windows. It’s prettier to see the gorgeous sights outside. Gunalcheesh.

But mostly, it wasn’t the snow or the sights, not even the delicious omelets or French toast or African tea. Mostly, the reason I went and the reason I’d go back, it’s the people I met and the friends who hung out with me. Gunalcheesh.