Guest posting

Lately, I’ve been working to do more guest posting for (Doing any guest posting would count as “more.”) I’ve heard that it’s the best way to start building an audience/community. In my experience too, it’s been one of the most important ways I’ve discovered new blogs.

As a result, the task comes down to finding good blogs where I can guest post, pitching my post ideas, writing the posts, and finally following up with the community on the blog where I guest post.

Up until a few days ago, I’d only done the “finding good blogs” part. Before the relaunch of bondChristian, I’d talked to other bloggers about guest posting, but I’d either been rejected or just never got around to writing anything.

Saturday, though, I emailed a blogger about writing a post. I almost thought I’d been ignored again when I received a reply yesterday afternoon.

Oh no!

When I saw the reply to go ahead with writing a post, I thought I’d totally messed up. I can’t write a guest post for this blog, I thought.

That only lasted a couple seconds though. After that, I shifted into excitement/survival mode and started writing.

So that’s what I did most of yesterday evening into the morning (like 6:00 in the morning). Exciting, tiring, but hopefully rewarding. We’ll see.