Guest posting is tense

This month, I’m trying to guest post more often. Last month, I did some, a lot more than I’d done before but they were mostly for just a few blogs. This month, I’m trying to have 10 guest posts published.

Ten guest posts in one month is a lot for me. That’s one every three days, which sounds like even more when I put it that way.

Writing the actual post takes time and effort, but for me the actual writing is the least difficult part. The rest of the process is the difficult part:

  • Finding people to guest post for. Lately, I’ve been running through some of the comments left here at Stuff Christians Like. They all said they wanted Jon Acuff to guest post for them. Some of them are bound to want Marshall Jones Jr.
  • Idea generation. I do have a lot of ideas as I’ve said, but as usual, my problem is in doing anything with them. Many of my ideas would take way too much effort to write about. And sometimes, if I have a fantastic idea, it might only be suitable for my blog. Creating ideas that work for other blogs is trickier.
  • Pitching posts and ideas. This has taken a lot of time in the past because I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m working off a template now and just modifying it depending on which blogger I’m pitching. Hopefully that will make this easier.
  • All the back and forth with email that goes into setting up the posting details.
  • Prepping the post so it can easily be placed directly into WordPress and published.

All of this is stuff I haven’t had to deal with much before because… I didn’t guest post enough. Now I’m learning. Hopefully the outcome from all this writing (and everything else that goes into them) will be outstanding.

Either way, I’m looking forward to the challenge.

…Now, I’m off to get on it.