Got education?

This Korean man I know, call him Mr. Kim, heads a school here in Korea. I don’t know if he runs the entire thing, but it seems like he basically does.

Mr. Kim’s son, call him Junior, started his PhD program at one of the best schools in Korea when he was 20-years-old, having already finished his undergraduate work. Junior also plays the piano like crazy and mentors other students.

Mr. Kim’s daughter, call her Daughter, leaves soon for America to study there. She’s 20, but she’s going back to pursue her master’s degree.

That’s a little background on Mr. Kim and his family.

Now consider my friend, call her Friend. Friend has two master’s degrees and plans to pursue another in America because it’s paid for and she doesn’t “feel ready to go for the PhD yet.”

When Mr. Kim and Friend chatted about Friend’s plans, Mr. Kim advised her to stay in Korea, see about getting into a Korean university to get a master’s here, and leverage her skills as a Korean American to work in international relations.

I just listened, trying not to evaluate.