Globalization and the looming lack of intrigue

The fruit caught between my teeth earlier grew in Ethiopia. My toothbrush was made in Saudi Arabia. The toothpaste was distributed by a company in New York. My razor came from China, same as my fingernail clippers and most likely the box they both came in as well. But none of this intrigued me.

What intrigues me is the realization that I have all this stuff from all over the world without it even striking me as odd. I don’t feel like an international souvenir collector because of these items. I don’t even feel like they’re from anywhere other than where I am.

Global trade has become ubiquitous. What once was intriguing is now simply a way of life.

Lots of interesting comparisons come to mind. For instance, traveling the world still feels pretty intriguing, to me anyway. Maybe someday, most likely someday soon, that won’t fascinate us either. It’ll just be a way of life, only intriguing when we realize how mundane it’s become.

And what else will lose that intrigue? What else already has?