Give away your best life now

I often get the feeling I should save some of my best stuff. You know, so I’ll always have something in reserve in case I need to pull it out.

But it’s horrible for me to think that way. I should put out my best stuff the moment I get it. Here are two reasons why:

1) If I put it out now, you get it now. Building trust now is like building wealth now. One dollar now is worth more than one dollar later because of what the dollar can accomplish before tomorrow.

Same with ideas or anything else. It’s worth more now because of all it can do now. Who knows? If I don’t put it out now, perhaps someone else will. Then I lose the advantage of first.

2) Holding back now creates scarcity thinking (and acting). Thinking I have to hold back assumes, perhaps subconsciously, that I won’t have something else amazing later. It assumes that what I have to offer is limited, that someday I might run out.

Guess what? Thinking that way will make it happen. If I think one day I won’t have anything to offer, one day I certainly won’t have anything to offer. It all comes down to that defeatist belief. If I’m confident I’m out of stuff, then I have no incentive to try, try, and try again to put something out.

So, Marshall, put out your best life now.

And if anyone else wants to follow, you’ll rock. :>)

[Shortly after posting this, I found a Bible verse that matches what I said here almost perfectly: “Do not say to your neighbor, ‘Come back later; I’ll give it tomorrow’—when you now have it with you.” -Proverbs 3:28]