Geumho-dong: My third official announcement

I’m pretty sure I’m leaving for Korea on Friday.

You might remember that I planned to move to Suji-gu, South Korea. I signed a contract and went through the visa process with a school and everything. Still, at the last minute, that fell through.

Last Monday, I got an email telling me that the school changed management and as a result is no longer hiring English teachers from outside Korea. So they said it probably wasn’t a good idea for me to come there. I might lose my job within a few weeks.

Not cool, especially since I already have my E2 visa. Since this school is sponsoring me, I could have had to wait three months to get another visa. Thankfully, though, it seems like it’s going to work out. The school is giving me a release letter, and I’ll be able to transfer the visa sponsorship to another school, no problem.

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m going with another school in Geumho-dong, Seoul. It’s right downtown, instead of south of the big city.

My recruiter (yes, I’m using a recruiter now) is getting me a plane ticket so I’ll arrive by 5:00 AM on Sunday, Korean time. Since I’ll lose 13 hours in the time difference, this means I’ll be leaving on Friday sometime, still not sure when. Crazy, but that’s what’s going on.

Or perhaps I should just say, that’s the plan for now.