Fukuoka, Japan

Ever since I started thinking about moving to Korea, the idea’s been growing in the back of my mind. I knew I wanted to do it. I knew I probably would do it. I just didn’t know when.

Until I did it. I took the high-speed ferry from Busan, Korea to Fukuoka, Japan.

A friend from work, Daniel, helped me purchase and reserve seats on the Kobee through the Korean website. I crammed some Korean, bank phrases so I could exchange won for yen. And off I traveled.

Busan to Fukuoka only took about three hours. It rained on the way. I slept.

Fukuoka, though, turned into a bright… bright, bright… bright, sunshiny day. I explored the city and parks for about five hours before meeting up with some friends. From there, we grabbed some food and chatted long into the evening.

Next day, temples and talking and other touristy stuff, including a forbidden photo of the largest seated Buddha statue in Japan, finished off my time there.

On the boat back, I chose a window seat by myself on the second level. I cracked a book about Hudson Taylor and enjoyed the drone of the engines over the water.

Simple stuff, really, stuff I underestimate. I loved it.