From ENTP to ENFJ: A different take on personality tests

As you might know from some things I’ve written before, I believe in focusing more on where you’re going than where you are. So when a friend of mine posted about the ol’ Myers-Briggs personality text, I got an idea.

In the past when I’ve taken that test, I’ve noticed that the most difficult part, for me at least, is answering the question to reflect the way I actually am instead of the way I want to be. You know, like when it says, “You always look for opportunities,” I want to say, “Yes.” But is that actually accurate, or is it just who I want to be?

Throwing off that problem, though, I went ahead and answered all the questions the way I want to be. That’s actually harder than I originally thought too, but it’s a lot of fun (at least it was for me).

As a result, I found that I want to be an ENFJ (here’s another link with a good description of that personality). Last I checked, I was an ENTP. That means I’m happy with the EN part of my personality but would like to change the TP to FJ.

I know I’m getting all geeky on you, but that’s really cool… I can now read the description for both and look at the differences to compare where I am to where I’d like to be. Also, because half of my results are the same, I can just focus on learning more about those last two parts and changing them.

If you’ve had any interest in the personality assessments before, definitely check it out. Take it twice… the first time answering for who you are, and the second for who you want to be. I think you’ll learn from it.

On the other hand, if your personality pretty much thinks these things are stupid, just give this a miss. Check out my archives instead. 🙂