Freedom to be foolish

I’m not a big fan of the government providing “free” services for people.

I understand that some of these services can benefit everyone, examples like interstate highways or law enforcement come to mind. These are projects that require way too much capital investment or take way too long to turn a profit and as a result might not be feasible for private companies to handle.

The problem, though, is that the government actually gets that “free”¬†stuff, the stuff it gives away, from people in the city, state, country, or whatever. And most of the time forcing one person (or many people) to pay for another person (or many people) doesn’t make sense.

Even when one person would seem to benefit if the government stepped in and made a decision for that person, the government should still give the person the choice to choose otherwise. The government shouldn’t save people from their foolishness.

I’m a big fan of freedom.¬†Most of the time, I value the freedom to be foolish over forced wellness, whatever that is. I’d just rather make my own decisions, even if I make bad ones.

And I certainly don’t want to pay to take that freedom away from other people.

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” -Steve Jobs