Five answers about bringing people to my web log

I had a different post in mind for today, but after finding Nancy’s Five questions about bringing people to your web log, I thought I’d switch gears and answer them. So here I go:

1. How did you come to web logging?

I covered some of this yesterday when I talked about how I got into blogs. From more of a blogging perspective than a reader perspective, I came to blogging not really understanding the community side. I was pretty naive to all the response and interaction side of blogging when I started.

I think it’s one of those things you can only really learn by doing. (This might seem ironic considering the comments here are closed… my other blog has open comments though.) I’m not sure anyone could have prepared me for it otherwise.

2. How did it feel when you received your first comment?

I’m sure I was ecstatic, but sadly I can’t remember it. I seem to think it was from Sarah Sinclair, but I’m not sure. Some things are disposable… and that’s okay.

3. How have your reasons for web logging changed over time?

I’m not sure they’ve changed much in the overall goals. What has changed is my focus.

When I started blogging at bondChristian for the first time in 2008, I was all about practical answers… like a Christians personal development blog. While I still have much of that going on, I’ve focused it even more on serving others instead of any ol’ random topic within Christianity.

As a result, I’ve also switched up some of my practices too. I’m more community driven now than I was back then. I blog more so my readers will share with other readers (as in The Grandfather Effect).

4. How has your time web logging changed you?

It’s changed my focus on community and interacting and contribution as I’ve already said. And it’s forced me to sharpen some of the things I believe. I’d give some examples, but this post already has way too many thinks in it.

5. What kind of connection do you have with [your readers] for the time that they are in your life?

I’m not sure. I wish I could go into more detail here. I’m still trying to connect in as many ways as possible. I think I’m building deep(er than usual) relationships through my blogs… especially through the addition of facebook (where you should go to comment on this post). But really I don’t know.

I’ve tried to help others as much as possible, particularly by getting involved in their projects instead of promoting mine.

Perhaps this is a question I should dig deeper into.

For now, I’m finished with these questions. Thanks again, Nancy, for asking.