First post – Part 3 (the end of the warmup)

This blog focuses (not my favorite word) on topics that might come up if you talk to me in person.

In other words, you get all the randomness you’d get in a Marshall conversation. [Update: Hence the reason I later called it Marshallogue.]

I’d like this conversation to skip through all the “How’s it going?” parts. Like the girl in Jumper said, “Skip the boring parts.” Actually I’d like that in all conversations, once I get to know you. If you want to start with some low-level chatter when we first meet, I’m cool with that. But maybe after a couple tries at that, we could start “skipping the boring parts.” That’d be great.

Do you even know how to do that? I certainly don’t. On the blog, it’s easy. I skip the lead-ins, jump right to whatever I want to talk about. But walking right up to someone and starting into a conversation still seems weird. Or awkward (I’m used to weird).

Any suggestions for how to start one of those conversations? Perhaps it’s a matter of getting to know you really well, so well that it doesn’t seem awkward to break right into the conversation without all the warm up.

Oh well, for now I’ll stick to writing without the warm up. On this blog at least.

So after a three part first post, that’s the end of the introduction/warm up for this blog.