First post – Part 2 (more about this blog)

Didn’t see that coming, did ya? Me neither.

After posting yesterday about this selfish blog, I realized it sounded worse than it is. At least it sounded worse than I hope this blog is.

This blog is selfish because I’m not putting much effort into crafting posts that purposely appeal to you, my reader. Let me explain. Through school, I wrote for someone else. On my first blog, I wrote for someone else. Through writing both, I realized how much I hate writing when I don’t want to write.

Otherwise, I love writing. Probably because I love thinking (I could be labeled an introvert because of that trait alone). But thinking for other people is difficult. It’s perhaps one of the most valuable personality traits. Some people call it empathy (or perhaps sympathy?). It’s a powerful, God given tool and blurs the line between intellect and emotion. But enough about that.

I struggle to think for others, write for others, or really do anything for others. I’m working on it (that’s not an excuse).

For now, this blog is a selfish blog because it’s my in-breath, as opposed to my out-breath (a metaphor I’m borrowing from Steve Pavlina). It’s part of how I get rejuvenated to think/write/do for others.

Hopefully, I’ll give at least 1% of what I get. Maybe out of every 100 posts I write for myself, one will contribute to others.

And hopefully that percent will grow to one hundred and multiply.