First post (and a bit about this blog)

As the title clearly says, this is this blog’s first post.

This is a classic blog. Like a public, online journal. For now, I’m testing how I like posting each day. For a week. This is Day 1.

This is a selfish blog. I’m writing as if I’m writing to you/for you, but I’m writing whatever I feel like writing – nonsense, etc. rather than How-Tos and useful information – and I’m not even trying to make it pretty for you. How ya likin’ black? [Update: When I first wrote this post, the site was mostly black. I’ve since changed it, but that’s what I was referencing.]

If you’re interested in reading, please do. But I’m just writing to think better (and come back to those thoughts later). Hopefully Marshall Jones Jr. thinking better will benefit you indirectly, eventually. That’s the ultimate goal anyway.

(As an aside, I don’t use the word “ultimate” or “ultimately” seriously.)

You’ll get a better idea of what this blog is about by reading it. That’s what I’m planning to do. Here’t goes…

That was the first post.