First camping trip – Part 1

I went camping and returned on May 29. This is the first part of that story.

The plan was to pick up Dru Longhofer at 10:00 on Thursday morning, so naturally I didn’t go to sleep until really late the night before. I may or may not have been automating my blogs.

A few days before taking off, my parents said I could borrow their van. That would make it easier to pick up Dru and his bicycle. Nice.

My brothers and I started out late to pick him up, though. It seems we were still packing and doing other stuff we should have done the night/day/week before. When we finally arrived at the coffee shop where Dru works, we were about half an hour late already.

So Jonesish.

I send my brother in to get Dru, and the next thing I know they’re coming back out with a pirate, treasure chest between them. Just Dru’s luggage.

So Longhoferish.

We learn that Dru was able to get a ride to work that morning, so he didn’t have to bring his bike. Sweet, we can just take off from the coffee shop.

But there’s a catch: getting that ride also meant Dru had to stay up all night to make sure his roommate would be awake to take him.

So yes, that’s how it started.

To be continued…