Finding the places where nature repeats

Every once in a while, more lately recently, I consider writing something here only to rediscover that I already have.

I don’t mean that I’ve already covered the topic. If it were only that, I’d just tackle it again from a different angle. No, I mean that I literally find the exact post I want to write already sitting in my archives.

I take that as a good thing.

To me, it indicates that what I learned or observed or wrote about before still seems to hold today. It’s like when two scientists independently discover the same theory. It carries more weight.

Really, it’s like any kind of learning. It’s a process of finding repetition, abstracting it to find which situations it applies to, and then using that knowledge to predict what will happen in other situations. In any case, learning begins by spotting those repetitions.

So that’s what I look for, those places where nature repeats.