Fads, Twitter, and @MarshallJonesJr

As you notice in the sidebar, I set up my twitter account – @MarshallJonesJr – to automatically show here on this blog. If you’re on twitter, come follow me. I’ll follow back, and we’ll have a dandy time. :>)

[Update: I’ve since removed this from the sidebar, but you can still follow me on Twitter.]

As I set this up, I thought of something. The thought was fueled by this post about why twitter’s not a fad.

But here’s my thought on it.

The game has changed. No longer is a fad something you avoid as superficial. What is a fad anyway?

It used to be something that tons of fans rallied around for a while then abandoned. A fad used to be a short though intensely popular trend, often carrying the appearance of stylishness.

As I said, the game has changed. The entire Internet’s only been around for – what? – 15 years? Even if twitter died today, that would mean it had been around for a full seventh of the total life so far of the Internet. And I mean how huge is the Internet? Is it going away? Even if twitter is a fad and it dies in a month, does that mean it’s pointless to jump on the bandwagon now? Would you be smarter to avoid the fads?

My answer is no.

What I want to say is this. Fads are life now. Everything – not just the online world, not just the business world or entertainment world or any other subworld you can imagine but everything – is changing fast. And it will continue to change.

Get on board. I think it’s odd that people even have this “Is twitter just a fad?” conversation. Listen, if something’s around for a day, it’s important.

Be extremely careful abandoning anything just because it won’t be around a year from now. One year is the new century.

[But in case you’re really wondering, no, I don’t think twitter will be around five years from now. Hey, the year’s the new century, and most countries don’t last more than three centuries.]