Every Man’s Battle and how to act boring

[Warning, warning: it’s a Christian book. If you’re not a Christian, skip this post.]

The book’s about the male struggle with looking at, lusting for, and lying with women. Overall, I’d suggest reading Joshua Harris’s Sex Is Not the Problem (Lust Is) instead. Josh’s book is for both men and women.

Here’s an excellent Amazon review of Every Man’s Battle if you’re interested in why I didn’t like it.

HOWEVER, Every Man’s Battle did offer at least one, practical tip I’d like to share with you:

Acting boring.

This is for when a woman’s into you, but she’s not for you. Act boring. Talk about Michael Jackson’s death, algebra formulas, or your family (especially if you have a wife and kids).

This tip’s hard for me because I’ve spent a ton of effort learning how to be interesting (when I want to be interesting). The thought of purposely acting boring doesn’t sound too fun.

Which is the goal I guess.

One simple trick I’ve used to pull this off is to not ask questions. It’s the exact opposite of my usual conversation strategy.

If you want to act boring, don’t ask questions. It’ll stop a conversation, and by default the interest, cold.

And that, gentlemen, is how to act boring.