English Pirate Facebook: "Arrr, this be pleasin' to me eye"

So I jumped on facebook a couple minutes before midnight last night. A friend from school, Chris Rothbauer, had just posted a fantastic status.

Chris Rothbauer status: Haha I just discovered you can change your Facebook language to Pirate English and I love it!

Marshall Jones Jr. comment: Are you serious? Dude, that rocks! Tell me how.

Chris Rothbauer comment: 1) Scroll to the bottom of your Facebook page. 2) On the bottom left corner, click English:US. 3) When the language selection appears, click English Pirate.

Marshall Jones Jr. comment: Only a couple minutes left in the day, but that’s one of the coolest things I’ve learned all day. I’m totally statusing this up for all my friends soon. Thanks. :>)

It says beta. I hope they keep it.

Yes, it is that hot. Check it.