Encouragement… like you’ve never known before

Encouragement inspires courage (do you see the courage in “encouragement”?).

Encouragement builds hope and offers promise. Encouragement gives certainty, which implies truth rather than flattery.

Encouragement raises confidence without arrogance.


  1. supports
  2. shows unity
  3. begins a consensus

Encouragement never grows old, never falls out of style, never gets rejected. Encouragement, unlike technology, stays current forever. Encouragement, unlike criticism, is always accepted. Encouragement, unlike skill, will always be in demand.

Encouragement assists, aids, helps… like a Band-Aid but better.

Encouragement instills life, energy, and vigor. Encouragement heartens (creates enthusiasm, boosts cheerfulness, upgrades emotion). Encouragement lifts despondency by infusing fresh zeal… as opposed to all that stale zeal, right?

Encouragement’s qualifications:

  • Encouragement knows karate.
  • Encouragement is a ninja.
  • Encouragement can Chuck Norris.

Encouragement is how Jesus taught Peter to walk on water.

Encouragement inspirits – literally puts spirit in – like the difference between Pinocchio and the real boy. Encouragement animates, like the difference between an inanimate object (e.g. a rock) and an animate object (e.g. a frog).

Encouragement provides possibilities and opportunities.

Encouragement makes life bigger, not necessarily by giving more years to live but by giving more reason to live.

Encouragement isn’t sappy… even if it has that reputation. Encouragement is happy, peppy, and snappy. Encouragement is. :>)

Encouragement provides strength of purpose. Encouragement is process oriented rather than results oriented, kind of like life itself.

Encouragement leads with response and follows with initiative.

  • Encouragement is gentle, subtle, soothing. Encouragement can be as simple as a cup of tea.
  • Encouragement is powerful, influential, dominating. Encouragement attempts to persuade, to urge (and often succeeds).

Encouragement is provocative yet ignored… like a miniskirt.

Encouragement incites… thoughtfulness.

  • Encouragement is “Thank you for helping me.” Encouragement is “Please try it.” Encouragement is never summed up in a sentence.
  • Encouragement is running with, not past. Encouragement is showing how, not why. Encouragement is never summed up in an action.

Encouragement is misunderstood… but everyone knows what it is.

Encouragement – the exact same encouragement – can be given and received at the same time… in fact, it should be.

“Encouragement is the slogan on love’s T-shirt.”

Encouragement is, from all perspectives, encouraging.