Email ask [EXPERIMENT] – Week 4

Maybe it was the motivation of knowing that this was my final week, but this was probably the easiest one in this experiment. So easy, I ended with a list of extra emails I’d like to send even after the experiment is over.

These are the ones I sent this week, though:

  • MyCharity: Water: They have this metric, TELL, on their site. It seemed like there was a way to tell friends about Charity: Water through the site, so I asked how it works. They told me the feature is no longer available, and they’re in the process of phasing it out.
  • Bloggers: I asked if they could help me write an ebook by answering one question in 150 words or less. I’m going to compile all the responses and give them away from my blog.
  • Korean language exchange partner: I need someone to help me learn Korean, someone who can give me a reason to continue to learn by checking in with me. I figure I can help someone else learn English while I’m at it too. Also, I’m interested in this just for the sake of seeing how it might work, like if I want to learn other languages too.
  • My banker in Kentucky: I had some questions about my account about some possible fees and traveling abroad. I haven’t heard back yet.
  • TOP SECRET: I might be doing something ambitious in August, starting it at least. I sent at least three emails to get more information on it. I got three responses back too.

I’ll do a followup post tomorrow about my overall impression of what I learned from this experiment.