Email ask [EXPERIMENT] – Week 1

When I began this series, I really didn’t know where it (or the emails) would go. Turns out, though, quite a few end up being too private to share, at least for now.

That said, here’s a run down of the emails I can talk about, along with the results:

  • L’Abri: The first email I sent was to a small, Christian organization founded by Francis Schaeffer. They’re about a dozen others around the world. They simply offer a place for Christians and non-Christians to get together and talk about life philosophies. I would like to visit the one here in Korea, so I asked if they have anything available in English. They replied, saying they try to make things accessible for English speakers, but it depends on the time of year.
  • Hosting provider: The rates jumped on my plan, so I emailed to ask what that was about. They told me it’s because the promotional offer that I’d signed up with ran out. I’m thinking of switching providers, but that’s a hassle (and they know it).
  • Fellow blogger: I asked to interview this person but haven’t heard back yet. Probably a no go. Didn’t hurt to ask, though.
  • Recruiter (the one who arranged my job here in Korea): I needed to get my Alien Registration Card so I could open a bank account. I emailed her to see how the process was coming along. As a result, I ended up getting my card today.
  • ESL teacher: He gave me some feedback on a job I considered but later turned down. I told him I’d buy him dinner sometime. So I emailed him to ask if he’d like to get together next week. He didn’t reply. I’ll take that as a no.
  • Flight instructor: There’s a guy here who teaches expats how to fly. About a month ago, I looked into the lessons, just for the fun of it. This week, I emailed him back to see if he ever does one-time flights. No response. It was worth a shot.
  • TOP SECRET: A few emails about traveling opportunities and possible plans for after Korea. We’ll see… I’ll save those results for later.

And that’s it. The more I email, though, the more I think of others to email. In fact, I’ve put off my biggest emails because I wanted to take more time to write them. This could yield some amazing results.

Stay tuned.