Email ask [EXPERIMENT] – Summary

Here are my notes from the experiment, things I learned:

  • Email lets you ask anytime and get a response any other time. Asynchronous communication, particularly useful if you’re living on the other side of the world.
  • Sometimes, asking is harder than giving. But like anything, practice… helps.
  • Short emails can go a long way. Keep it to two or three sentences, especially if you’ve already connected with the person before.
  • Get help with practical things. Google is great, but unless you’re talking to someone who gets hundreds of emails each day, most people love giving advice, even if it’s not life changing.
  • When someone gives you something, they’re investing in you. That’s a good thing. It’ll often create an even stronger connection than if you gave them something.
  • Involving other people leverages what they have, instead of just what you have. You’re as rich as you are friendable.
  • You never know unless you ask. Very few people look for opportunities to help others. But lots of people will help if you ask.
  • Seeing a response in your inbox will make you happy. ‘Nuff said.