Election Day (and how it didn't go for me)

[Note: For some odd reason, the first part of this title sounds like some lame, Will Smith movie, so I kept it. That’s the only reason.]

Today was Election Day, but I didn’t elect… er, vote.

I didn’t make time during the day, so by the time I had time, I didn’t have much time. I only had about 30 minutes. And that 30 minutes included researching who I was voting for.

Still, I was set and ready to go. I figured I’d research a little and then leave the rest blank.

But I started thinking, Would I want someone else out there voting the way I was voting, without really knowing what I was doing?

Probably not.

So instead of being totally irresponsible and voting without knowing what I was doing, I decided to sway to being semi-irresponsible and stay out of it completely.

Now looking back on it, I’m not sure it was the best choice. I’m a college grad after all and thrive under research time pressure. I probably could have found out enough to make an “educated decision” in only about 20 minutes.

So that’s today’s question for you. What would you have done with only 30 minutes left? And more importantly, why?