Doing instead of learning

I’m not sure there’s such a thing as “learning too much.” I do believe, though, that there’s a time for learning and a time for doing.

For the past bit, I’ve been learning a lot. Like a ton. Soaking up the podcasts.

What I haven’t been doing as much is… doing.

Doing looks different at different times.

Sometimes doing is researching. Sometimes doing is getting in touch with people. Sometimes doing is scheduling, making a timeline, setting those dates, locking them in. Sometimes doing is actually building or creating whatever it is you build or create.

For me right now, doing is not learning, not more research, not another podcast, not reading another email newsletter or blog post. For me right now, doing is definitely not spending more time on Facebook.

That’s the first step for me right now: deciding what I need to stop doing.

The second step is deciding what needs to fill the freed up space.

The third step is putting the action items in sequence (which is surprisingly difficult. It’s amazing how much advice leaves out the order in which it needs to be followed).

The fourth step is starting the first item in the sequence, doing it, and finishing it completely (shipping it, publishing it, whatever you want to call it).

Repeat until that sequence is finished.

Then and only then is it time to circle back to the research or learning phase, at least for me right now.