Doha, Qatar

We’re on this boat. To my right, the city, a hodgepodge of interesting architecture. In front, an island, smooth and sandy. I’m not even sure what the island is, part of the city, I guess.

Edwin, my boss, just swam out to the island. It’s a pretty far swim, but he made it there and back. Other teachers are treading water around the boat or diving off the top of it.

The sun’s burning a bunch of us, lobsterizing our cheeks and shoulders. I’m not too bad, thankfully. I’ve been on the lower deck most of the time, staying out of the direct sunlight that’s cooking the top.

Speaking of cooking, one of the guys running this tour is roasting some meat. The salad and humus went fast, along with the first lamb chops. Man, those lamb chops were good. The guy looks like he’s getting better with the flames now that he’s got the chicken and beef going, although I’m sure he’s done this dozens if not hundreds of times before.

There’s been some complaining. It’s taken a while to get here. There’s been some bets about how long it’ll take to get back.

For now, though, we’re here, in Doha, in Qatar, on a boat, on the water, with friends forced upon us from work but friends nonetheless. For now, we’re just chillin’, and life feels good.