Do you want a party or presents?

When I was 17, my mom asked me whether I would rather have a big party for my 18th birthday or get big gifts.

I said I’d prefer the gifts. She said she thought that’s what I’d say. And so, for my 18th birthday, instead of throwing some huge party, I got cool gifts. Among other things, I think that was the year I got some of my Zildjian cymbals.

Other than that, I don’t remember what I got. I’m sure I was totally grateful for what I received, and I’m probably overlooking some things I now take for granted. Overall, though, I don’t remember much about the presents I got when I turned 18.

I don’t regret the decision. At the time, I really did prefer stuff over special occasions. Now, though, I’m the exact opposite. If my mom asked me the same question today, I’d go for the party.