Diminishing marginal returns

In economics, there’s this concept called diminishing marginal returns. The idea is that as you continue to do something (or have one more, one more of something), the extra somethings starts being less valuable to you.

My first economics professor used pizza as an example. Yeah, the first slice of pizza is wonderful, maybe even the first whole pie. But by the time you get to the second pie, you’re starting to feel full. Now, you might want something else instead, maybe just the bill so you can roll yourself on home. By the third pie, you’d probably be actively avoiding any extra pizza.

In other words, what might be good at first can turn into something bad, something you don’t want at all, after you’ve had too much of it.

I bring this up because, aside from just being one of those nerds who’s actually interested in economics, I know personally diminishing marginal returns often sets in quickly for me. Or really, I don’t know if it’s that it sets in quickly or if it’s just that I extremify things so much that I churn through the “delicious” stages faster than most people. In any case, though, I know that I often burn out quicker than the average person.