If death isn’t the end, what are my eternal habits?

There’s this set of rhetorical questions, meant as advice: “What will you regret when you get to the end of your life? What will matter at the end of your life? Will what you’re doing today matter when you die?”

As someone fascinated by death, I’ve kind of bought into this set of questioning. Like, “Yeah, is this important enough to matter when I die?” And then trying to make decisions based on how I answer that question.

But really, that’s looking at it all the wrong way.

I don’t believe death is the end. I believe I’m immortal. And actually, I believe you are too. I don’t think any of us are just going to die and cease to exist.

I believe that souls (not diamonds) are forever.

And that changes everything.

Instead of the usual set of rhetorical questions, it’s more about practice:¬†What am I doing now that will matter forever? What am I practicing now that will become an eternal habit?