Daily checklist [EXPERIMENT] – Week 1

This experiment reminded me of a post I wrote two years ago, but forgot. Reading that post again reminded me why what I wrote remains so important. (The reminder reminded me for the umpteenth time of the importance of reminders.)

Daily checklists – and reminders in general – are huge. They keep me on point. They keep me focused. And they give me something to cross off.

I love that.

For now, I won’t update too much on the results. I’ll just say that for the past six days (I started before the initial post). it’s been going well. Well, except…

When I started this experiment, I didn’t think ahead too much. That’s actually often a good idea for many experiments. This time, though, I realized that it might not work out so well because I’m traveling this next week.

I’m attending a church retreat today and for the next three days, coming back for a day or two, and then I’m flying to Jeju Island for a weekend of fun with a friend.

So, it should be a pretty awesome week, one that’ll go down in history for me. 🙂 But I’m not bringing my checklists.

Pause time.