Currency is greater than legacy

Gary Vaynerchuk has an insanely fantastic video about legacy. He says legacy is greater than currency. And the way he’s describing it, I totally agree. Focusing on how to make money is a sucker approach.

But I’d like to turn the phrase around again: currency is greater than legacy. But here’s what I mean by that:

Currency is now. Legacy is later. Currency is not just cash. It’s reputation, it’s attention, it’s trust. Legacy is too. But here’s the deal, guys: Legacy is always tomorrow, while currency is always today. As you know, tomorrow never comes. Now is forever. So…

Legacy is never, currency is forever.

While I agree with creating something that matters, with focusing my attention on the big, massive, huge things, I think doing that at the expense of now is small. Legacy is a pursuit, a becoming.

Much better to create a now, a currency, a being (instead of becoming), that’s bigger than forever. Because now is all we have. Ever.