Creating reminders

Like God, I’m a big fan of creating. I love creating my own stuff, freshness, something that’s totally a Marshall original, something with me in it.

In a way, that’s a good thing. I like that it keeps me more real than if I were merely copying what others have done without internalizing and understanding it for myself.

In another way, though – and I’ve noticed this lately especially – I feel like it might be slowing my learning. More importantly, I feel like it might be slowing how quickly and effectively I can help others.

I’m a firm believer that you and I and most everyone else don’t need new information. We need the courage to follow through with what we already know.

But if that’s really true, why am I spending so much effort creating? Creating, after all, is about new. Instead, I should be spending my energy reminding people of what they already know.

Most creating, the Marshall variety at least, is just reinvention anyway. And while sometimes that’s wonderful, often it’s an excuse to avoid delegating. I create when I should instead grab what someone else has done before and run with it. Like starting from a platform that’s already established instead of reforming my own.

We’ll see, but I’m going to try to…

  • Repeat what I know works.
  • Follow through instead of learning more.
  • Follow [period].
  • Stand on the shoulders of giants.

I don’t want to be remembered so much for creating as for reminding. Or perhaps bring the best of both together and fill that space… creating reminders.