Cool showers [EXPERIMENT]

It’s been three weeks since I moved into camp. The first day we arrived, I paired up with Michael to share a place with him. He got the larger and nicer bedroom, and I got the larger and nicer bathroom.

As it turns out, though, my bathroom doesn’t have hot water. Imagine that!

At first, I wanted to complain. But it’s Saudi, I thought,┬áThe water can’t be that cold.┬áBut it was.

That first day, I hardly took a shower, just a quick rinse before I considered my options. And the more I considered, the more I wanted to try an experiment.

Well, “wanted” is a pretty strong word in this case. It’s probably not complete. I wanted to see if I could manage it – I didn’t really want to wake up to cold showers every morning. That’s why I wrote the post about keeping some experiments a secret at first. I figured I’d give it a shot in private and then go public if I could stand it more than a day.

Like I said, it’s been three weeks now…