Cool showers [EXPERIMENT] – Phase I

It’s going to heat up.

I kept thinking it would. I decided to clip my toenails while I waited.

Finished, the water still wasn’t warm.

Hmm, I wonder if I have to turn that knob.

There’s a single knob on the opposite end of the shower. But I tried that, waited, and nothing changed.

Finally, I decided to just take it cool.

It’s one of those shower heads that doesn’t connect to the wall. It’s just a nozzle with a hose, and you hold it in your hand while you shower. This is what I had in Korea, so it wasn’t much different.

The bigger difference was that unlike Korea, I wasn’t supposed to get the entire bathroom wet while showering, even though the tub doesn’t have a shower curtain.

I started with my hand to feel how cold it felt.

Not too bad.

Then I sprayed my feet.

That feels a bit colder, I thought.

Bringing the streams of water up my legs, though, felt downright chilly.

Forget this. I’ll just rinse my hair, quickly rinse the rest of my body, and get out of here, work out the rest of this later.

So that’s what I did. It must have taken less than a minute. I was shivering as I turned the water off. But that’s how I made it through that first shower: by not really showering well at all.